Lifestyle considerations when buying in Spain

Perhaps the most important thing to do before you begin your search in earnest

is to think about exactly what you are looking for from your Spanish property.

Obviously, this will vary depending on whether you are buying a holiday home or

a forever home, but these are a few questions you should be thinking about and

discussing with your other half:Alhaurin Golf lifestyle

Do you fancy a traditional

Spanish existence or a

buzzing expat community?lifestyle in spain

This can make a huge difference to where

you buy. Quaint Spanish towns can offer

a peaceful, traditional life where hardly

a foreigner sets foot. Whereas the more

popular ex-pat resorts around the south

east coast and the islands will provide a

convenient social scene and often locals who

speak your language, making the process of

adjustment easierAlhaurin El Grande lifestyle

Which kind of

environment do you

want to live in?coin lifestyle

Do you want to live near a beach or do you

yearn for the fresh, cooler air and stunning

views in the mountains? Does the idea of

living in a resort location that fills up with

tourists come the summer months fill you

with dread? Or is that exactly the kind of

atmosphere you’re after? Does a buzzing

cosmopolitan city lifestyle await? Or is it a

rural retreat complete with vineyards and

acres of sunny hillside that is attracting you

to Spain?lifestyle

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