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With so many magnificent houses for sale in Spain – Sarah Waddington Property are here to help you find your dream home!

Our experienced team are on hand to help you with your search and can arrange tailored viewing appointments to fit in with you and your visit making your Spanish property search as simple and stress free as possible.

Living in Spain

It’s unsurprising with all that Spain has to offer why so many people are relocating or buying holiday homes in the beautiful Mediterranean climate. With so much to offer from sun, sea and culture to quality of life - emigrating to Spain can provide the much desired lifestyle change that many people are seeking.


With the average life expectancy of 82.6 years (the fifth highest in the world) Spain is very much considered a ‘healthy’ country to live in.

Throughout the country Spain maintains a robust network of high-quality hospitals and medical centres. Public healthcare is free for those that live and work in Spain and they also have private healthcare which is only subscribed to by a minority of the Spanish population. For those that do not qualify such as unemployed non-citizens - they can pay a monthly premium for a private plan at very reasonable rates.


Spain is perfectly located for easy and affordable travel and can be reached by plane, train, car or boat. There are lots of airports to choose from offering an abundance of regular flights to and from Spain across a variety of reputable airlines.


Spain is renowned for its enviable climate and wonderful weather which varies depending on which area you are looking at. Northern Spain tends to be cooler for example whereas the Costas offer less rainfall and more sunshine throughout the year.


Known for its health benefits the Mediterranean diet is a delicious perk of living in Spain. Made up of plenty of fresh ingredients such as fish, meat, vegetables and salad as well as the traditional tapas and sangria!


Most people don’t just move to Spain for the sun, sea and sand but to live the enviable Spanish lifestyle.

The warmer climate makes outdoor activities and endeavours possible all year round which is great for physical health and fitness. The working life isn’t bad either with the famous ‘Siestas’ and plenty of long walks and relaxed late evening family meals with wine!

Reasons to invest in a Spanish property

Whether you are moving to Spain as a retirement plan, looking for a more relaxed lifestyle, a holiday home or as a buy to let – it’s always important to make sure you are making a smart property investment.

The Market

Property prices in Spain have made steady increases in recent years making a steady recovery from the financial crisis in 2008. They currently offer great value for money whilst still holding as a good future investment.

Rental Income

With the rise in popularity of property rental apps such as Airbnb – having a holiday home in a desirable location means that it is easier than ever to secure bookings and make money on a holiday property. Looking for properties within walking distance of the beach, amenities, city centres and reasonable distance to a good airport are all going to attract potential customers.

First Time Buyers

Pushed out of the UK market by high property prices more and more first time buyers are looking at homes in Spain as a way to get onto the property ladder and enjoy a change in lifestyle.

New Developments

If you aren’t seeking the Mediterranean charms of a terracotta Spanish villa then not to worry - there’s still plenty of choice on offer for those looking to enjoy new modern properties equipped with the latest technology and sought after features. In recent years more developers have been keen to offer buyers something more contemporary and there’s no shortage of beautiful homes to choose from.

Homes to Buy in Spain from Sarah Waddington Property

Our diverse property portfolio makes finding your dream property a breeze!

We offer a free no obligation private property consultation which will allow us to speak to you in detail about what you are looking for and give us a clear picture to help narrow down our search to help present you with the very best handpicked properties.

Our multilingual team will work closely with your independent legal advisor throughout the process to ensure a smooth, seamless transaction from start to finish.

If you’re looking for a property in Spain, then why not have an initial look with our easy to use search facility. If you find something you like, would like to book a consultation or for some more information on how we can help with you with buying property in Spain then don’t hesitate to contact us.

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