Benefits of buying a new build or off plan property in Spain

7 Benefits of buying a new build or off plan property in Spain


new buildChoosing between a new build, resale or off-plan properties can be difficult. At Sarah Waddington Property Spain we know this and for this reason, we have put together a brief list of 7 benefits of buying a new build or off plan property in Spain for you to think about before making any big decisions.


Benefits of buying a new build or off-plan property in Spain include:

  1. Spread your costs.

    After paying the initial reservation fee and deposit, buyers are able to break down their payments into instalments throughout the stages of construction. This often makes off-plan properties a more affordable option for homebuyers and investors.

  2. Value increase due to capital appreciation.

    Many home buyers and investors are drawn to the idea of buying off-plan due to discounted prices that developers can offer; making this option more affordable and attractive, with the added bonus of capital appreciation due to the increase of the value of the property.

  3. Developers’ finance deals are available.

    To add to the convenience of instalments and the potential of adding value to the property before completion, developers often add the extra sweetener of offering great finance deals; including lower interest rates on repayments and further discounts.

  4. Developers’ Guarantees.

    As to be expected, developers in Spain offer ‘snagging’ guarantees, which as the name suggests, ensures that the developer corrects any issuesBenefits of buying a new build or off plan property in Spain with the property. A wise move in any country and with any developer is ensuring the snagging agreement is signed and agreed upon before completion. This can avoid problems or delays further down the line.

  5. Efficient Builds.

    Although many resale properties have been updated and/or improved, the reality is that new developments are generally built to higher building specifications. They include all the modern touches one would expect from a new build. This means that the properties are more energy-efficient and cheaper to run.

  6. Personal touch

    There are lots of opportunities to have input during the building phase to enable you to put your own touch on your new home. Choosing the bathroom suite, the colour of the tiles and the finish on the kitchen counters are some of the options developers may offer.

  7. “If you build it, they will come.”

    It is no secret that brand new rental properties are easier to market and rent out. There is less wear and tear and the building specs are more likely to be more modern and efficient to run than the average resale property.

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